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Our agricultural production

We are committed to improve our farming methods. This is why we are committed to invest in the HVE label and the Nouveaux Champs collective for the Zero Pesticide Residue (ZRP) label.

We are involved in research into new varieties with GIE InovaPom in order to respond to societal challenges. We are involved in the innovation of potatoes that are more resistant to disease, in the aim to reduce our visits in the fields with machines and treatments.

Inovapom – expérimentations de la pomme de terre – YouTube

Quality certification

Our 3 sites (Orly, Mallemort and Le Puiset) are IFS FOOD certified for the following scope: reception, washing, grading, sorting and packaging of fresh potatoes.

Our 2 sites Le Puiset and Orly are certified organic.

Key numbers

cultivated areas
tonnes of stockage

Customer support

We provide our clients with emblematic brands to make their shelves more dynamic!

We support our clients in building private label projects and dedicated brands. To date, we have more than 10 client specifications! This implementation is specific to their brand, from cultivation to packaging.

Supply guarantee

To ensure supply security, we have 4,000 to 4,500 hectares under contract. Cultivation and quality departments that monitor compliance with customer specifications.

We export to over 40 countries!

A wide range

We offer a wide choice of varieties and sizes all year round, according to demands of each customer.

Innovative varietal marketing, such as for Princesse Amandine, in-store promotional actions and a strong spirit of innovation in line with current issues

Big bag sales

Since more than 25 years, our know-how has enabled us to distribute our potatoes in many European countries. We export mainly unwashed potatoes.

We ensure security of supply with more than 80,000 tonnes per year, 80% of which is exported. We distribute to more than 300 client companies with 500 hectares under contract dedicated to our clients.


Our offer is diversified: a wide choice of varieties and sizes (ware potatoes and firm-fleshed potatoes).

Packaging: big bag, bulk truck, palox, 10/20/25 kg bag for brushed potatoes

A wide range of GLOBALG.A.P. certified potatoes

Our production is tailor-made and the contracts are annual with guaranteed prices for the year. All this thanks to a network of producers in all French production areas.

Commercial contacts

Key account manager France Stores

Laurent Dhalleine

Export manager Northen Europe 

Andrew Foster

Export manager

Southern Europe

Robert Bory

Export manager Central Europe – Eastern countries – Asia

Jean-Christophe Chatelain

Sales Manager unwashed Europe 

Vincent Le Granché

Other contact

Head office :

Pom’Alliance S.A.S
87 avenue de l’aérodrome
94310 ORLY


Phone number : +33 (0)1 56 70 26 80