The best of fresh potatoes

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A value-added range

A wide choice of varieties available throughout the year

Traditional varieties in 3 main market segments

Vignette Chair Ferme

Firm flesh
Charlotte, Chérie, Franceline, Anoé…

Vignette Spécial Frites

Specially selected for chips
Bintje, Caesar, Excellency…

Vignette Spécial four purée potages

Specially selected for baking/mashing/soup
Monalisa, Agata…

Selection of Pom’Alliance specialities

Vignette variétés-marques

Trademark varieties
Princesse Amandine ®, Gwennie ®

Vignette Spécialités

Selection of value-added varieties
Ratte, Vitelotte (blue flesh), Corne de Gatte, Rouge de Flandres (red skin and flesh)…

Vignette Grenailles

Baby potatoes
A selection of varieties sized under 35mm  (Princesse Amandine ®, Charlotte, Anoé, Chérie, Ratte…)

A wide range of packaging

Core range packaging

Sachets de pommes de terre

A range of netted bags, from 1 kg to 2.5 kg, segmented by use: 5 unmissable offers in the food retail department.

The 5 kg “Local selection” paper bag

Sac papier 5 kg

Bulk packaging that adds value to the 5 kg format and makes it stand out, to increase volume on the shelves. Emphasis on traditional local roots, to reassure consumers on the source of the potatoes.

Segmentation by region

Filets de pommes de terre

Varieties grown in selected areas, for optimum visual quality and taste. The regional roots of the Bintje du Nord and Picardy Charlotte netted bags are strengthened by their links with the Saveurs en’Or brand.

Small packs

Sachets vapeur et barquette

1 kg wooden punnets of value-added varieties and grades. 750 g or 1 kg microwavable bags: handy size for cooking potatoes quickly. 1 kg netted bag of baby potatoes: small, eaten with their skins.

Promotional range

filets gamme événementielle

A promotional range to increase sales during peak seasonal or promotion periods.

A wide choice of bulk packaging

La Cabrette Princesse Amandine

La Cabrette
A top-of-the-range bulk brand, for our partner customers only.

carton gwennie gourmandes

Segmentation by variety
Special boxes for a selection of flagship varieties: Gwennie, Jazzy, etc.

Carton Anoé

Segmentation by region
Packaging that highlights the region where the potatoes were produced, to showcase French expertise in cultivation.

bourriche amandine

5 kg wooden basket
A range intended for bulk sale, providing premium products with value-added varieties and grades.