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Solpom : wholesaler operations at Rungis International Market

The store at Rungis

In 2014, Pom’Alliance extended its operations by opening the Solpom store at Rungis International Market. Solpom specialises in the sale of potatoes and condiments and is expanding into other fresh products, such as old-fashioned vegetables.
The majority of Solpom customers are located in France and northern Europe and are mainly restaurants, retailers, shops specialising in fresh produce, supermarkets, etc.

Magasin Solpom à Rungis
Pommes de terre Solpom à Rungis

Solpom potatoes

Solpom is a supplier of the La Cabrette brand (potatoes with a firm flesh, and baby and medium sized potatoes), and also seasonal varieties such as early potatoes from Noirmoutier and the île de Ré.
The store also stocks the Princess Amandine variety brand.
It sells Gwennie potatoes too, which sometimes feature in sales demonstrations at Rungis.

Solpom condiments (garlic, onions and shallots)

Solpom also specialises in condiments and offers a wide range of products that vary according to the season.

Some examples

Garlic: white (box, 3 bulbs, braids, etc.), pink, purple, Lautrec, peeled, smoked, pulp, fresh.
Onions: white, sweet, yellow, red, Roscoff, pink Brittany, peeled.
Shallots: classic (bulk, netted bags, braids, etc.), long, round, grey, scallions.

Ail - condiments Solpom
Plusieurs variétés de légumes

Other vegetables

Solpom is expanding into other fresh vegetables, in particular old-fashioned vegetables.

Some examples

Old-fashioned vegetables: Chinese artichokes, golden ball turnip, butternut squash, oca (oxalis tuberosa), swede, Jerusalem artichokes and black salsify.
Other: carrots (white, yellow, red, purple, etc.), marrows, courgettes, pumpkins, radishes, asparagus, beetroot, artichokes, cauliflower and baby vegetables (carrots, beetroot, turnips, etc.).

Solpom exports

Solpom’s export operations are currently expanding and now account for almost 50% of the store’s sales. These are mainly to Northern Europe and are of Solpom’s core products, namely potatoes and condiments, in particular peeled garlic.

Solpom exporte en Europe

Solpom contact details

Address :
80 Rue DE CHATEAURENARD – Bâtiment D2

Tel : +33 (0)1 46 86 94 37
Fax : +33 (0)1 46 86 87 12

Plan de Rungis

Map of Rungis
Download this map so that you can locate us and find your way around Rungis International Market.


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